Pipe & Pipe Tobaccos

Hand-blended Pipe Tobaccos

G&P proudly carries on a tradition of hand-blended tobaccos with recipes that have been used for forty-years.

Luxury Tinned Tobaccos

We also carry an assortment of Tinned Tobacco from Sam Gawith, Dunhill, MacBaren, Comoy's, Peterson and Rattrays. Just to name a few.

Our Pipe Selection

We have a large selection of pipes from moderate priced beginners pipes to high-end collector pipes. So no matter what your need is, or your experience level we have you covered.

Turkish Block Meerschaum

G&P also has the finest inventory of block Meerschaum pipes you will find anywhere. Prized for their beauty and smokability  these pipes are always the pride of a pipe smokers collection.

Accessorize With Us

From Pipe Pouches and Reamers, to Pipe Cleaners. Lighters, Ashtrays and all the essential tools for your Pipe. We have it.

2509 Fairbanks Street Ste. B

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Located between Fireweed and Northern Lights Blvd. in Anchorage. G&P Fine Tobaccos Limited. Continuing a tradition of fine quality tobaccos in Alaska.